Thomas Downey

The Burning DeadThe Burning Dead
The Burning Dead
IMDb: 2.3

A sheriff must rescue an estranged family from the impending eruption of a volcano, at the same time fighting off a horde of lava-filled zombies brought to life by the…

Paranormal IncidentParanormal Incident
Paranormal Incident
IMDb: 3.0

The infamous Odenbrook Sanitarium closed after a mass suicide occurred within its walls. Sixty years later, six college students armed with cameras and recording equipment venture into the asylum to…

Dracula’s CurseDracula’s Curse
Dracula’s Curse
IMDb: 3.1

A team of vampire hunters set out to battle an evil vampire clan in the dark underworld.

Genre: Action, Horror
Hillside CannibalsHillside Cannibals
Hillside Cannibals
IMDb: 2.3

A group of teenagers in the desert become the prey of cannibalistic inbreds who live in the nearby hillside.

The Beast of Bray RoadThe Beast of Bray Road
The Beast of Bray Road
IMDb: 4.2

Based on actual accounts of werewolf sightings in Walworth County, Wisconsin, the film follows a local sheriff who is finally forced to accept that a string of horrifying deaths is…

Genre: Horror
King of the Lost WorldKing of the Lost World
King of the Lost World
IMDb: 2.4

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s action-adventure classic, four plane crash survivors encounter danger in a world that time forgot.

The Next Karate KidThe Next Karate Kid
The Next Karate Kid
IMDb: 4.5

During a commemoration for Japanese soldiers fighting in the US Army during World War II, Mr. Miyagi meets the widow of his commanding officer. He gets to know her granddaughter…