Nicholas Le Prevost

Here Comes HellHere Comes Hell
Here Comes Hell
IMDb: 5.0

The Old Dark House style mystery thriller gets an affectionately murky makeover in director Jack McHenry’s Agatha Christie-meets-Lucio Fulci feature debut. In stunning Black & White, with cut-glass British accents…

Genre: Comedy, Horror
Testament of YouthTestament of Youth
Testament of Youth
IMDb: 7.3

Testament of Youth is a powerful story of love, war and remembrance, based on the First World War memoir by Vera Brittain, which has become the classic testimony of that…

Run for Your WifeRun for Your Wife
Run for Your Wife
IMDb: 2.8

John Smith has been happily involved in a bigamous marriage for five years. He lives with Stephanie in Finsbury and Michelle in Stockwell. Fortunately, for John, he’s a taxi driver…

Genre: Comedy
Made in RomaniaMade in Romania
Made in Romania
IMDb: 5.1

”Made In Romania” is the story of a producer who is given the chance to realize his dream project; to film an adaptation of an obscure, beautifully written Victorian novel,…

Genre: Comedy
Miss ConceptionMiss Conception
Miss Conception
IMDb: 4.6

Georgina is an ambitious young London professional who learns she has only one month left in which to conceive a child. After exhausting all possibilities with her baby-phobic boyfriend, Georgina…

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Shakespeare in LoveShakespeare in Love
Shakespeare in Love
IMDb: 7.1

Young Shakespeare is forced to stage his latest comedy, ”Romeo and Ethel, the Pirate’s Daughter,” before it’s even written. When a lovely noblewoman auditions for a role, they fall into…