Jessica Collins

90 Minutes90 Minutes
90 Minutes
IMDb: 6.6

At the iconic Hackney Marshes in East London, Lea Valley Rangers take to the field in a game they must-win against Forest Road Athletic. If they can pull it off,…

Genre: Drama, Sport
Free State Of JonesFree State Of Jones
Free State Of Jones
IMDb: 6.9

In 1863, Mississippi farmer Newt Knight serves as a medic for the Confederate Army. Opposed to slavery, Knight would rather help the wounded than fight the Union. After his nephew…

So B. ItSo B. It
So B. It
IMDb: 6.7

A young girl named Heidi who lives with her mentally disabled mother, travels across the country to find out about her and her mothers past.

Genre: Drama
Zero Dark ThirtyZero Dark Thirty
Zero Dark Thirty
IMDb: 7.4

A chronicle of the decade-long hunt for al-Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bin Laden after the September 2001 attacks, and his death at the hands of the Navy S.E.A.L. Team 6…

The Loss of a Teardrop DiamondThe Loss of a Teardrop Diamond
The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond
IMDb: 5.8

Tells the story of Fisher Willow, the disliked 1920s Memphis débutante daughter of a plantation owner with a distaste for narrow-minded people and a penchant for shocking and insulting those…

Genre: Drama, Romance
Dirty LoveDirty Love
Dirty Love
IMDb: 3.6

A modern day Cinderella story which sees disaster prone Rebecca embark on a journey in search of true love. Betrayed by her boyfriend, Richard and following a palm reader’s psychic…

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Catch Me If You CanCatch Me If You Can
Catch Me If You Can
IMDb: 8.1

A true story about Frank Abagnale Jr. who, before his 19th birthday, successfully conned millions of dollars worth of checks as a Pan Am pilot, doctor, and legal prosecutor. An…

Best of the Best 4: Without WarningBest of the Best 4: Without Warning
Best of the Best 4: Without Warning
IMDb: 4.9

A group of Russian mobsters have stolen a huge supply of paper for printing U.S. currency, and are now flooding the market with conterfeit bills. When one of the mobsters…

Leprechaun 4: In SpaceLeprechaun 4: In Space
Leprechaun 4: In Space
IMDb: 3.5

On a planet in a distant galaxy, a power hungry Leprechaun, holds a beautiful alien princess hostage in order to marry her for her royal title. With her title and…