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Non Plus Ultras

Non Plus Ultras Soap2Day

NON PLUS ULTRAS is a comedy with a social subtext. It takes a satirical look at a short stretch in the life of five “fans” of one Prague football club who belong to the hardcore supporters – ultras or hooligans. The gang members’ lives revolve around football. They revere their “world-famous” English counterparts and uncritically take them as their role models. The undeclared leader of the gang is Bejcak (played by David Novotny), a charismatic young man of around 30 years old with natural authority. He is not stupid; he likes to use foreign words, but always in a slightly unsuitable context. The oldest member of the gang is the lonely forty-year-old Tycka (Vladimir Dlouhy), whom Bejcak took under the gang’s wing. Tycka is much older than the others. The stuttering youth Pejsek (Karel Zima) is a fanatic lover of all things “English”. He is seconded by the none-too-bright Potapec (Michal Novotny) and the agile, wiry Vocko (Matej Hadek), who is constantly devising new loutish exploits.

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Non Plus Ultras
What stars have appeared in the movie "Non Plus Ultras"?
How long is the Non Plus Ultras movie ?
The movie runs for 95 minutes.
What are the genres of the movie "Non Plus Ultras"?
Film is in the genres of Comedy.